Prince Taste of Nature dog food with reindeer, trout and hemp 4 kg

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Dog food with reindeer, trout and hemp meat, grain-free

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Prince Taste of Nature dog food with reindeer, trout and hemp 4 kg

Prince Taste of Nature dog food with reindeer, trout and hemp 4 kg

Dog food with reindeer, trout and hemp meat, grain-free

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Prince Taste of Nature dog food with reindeer, trout and hemp GRAIN FREE

Return to the roots! Feed your dog according to its natural biological needs!

A diet inspired by the diet of wolves, adapted to the needs of domesticated dogs!

Innovation! The addition of hemp with proven effects on relieving inflammation, separation anxiety, chronic pain and problems with walking!

Reindeer meat combined with trout is especially recommended for dogs prone to allergies. It contains a lot of easily digestible protein and a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Low fat, high protein!


Prince Taste of Nature will provide your dog with:

meat from clean and natural regions

no artificial preservatives, no GMO, no grains

multi-component joint protection system - allows you to take care of your dog's musculoskeletal system on many levels

probiotics support digestion and reduce diarrhea

anti-allergic formula, suitable for even the most sensitive dogs

prevention of unpleasant odors thanks to Yuki Schidigera extract

Due to its health properties , hemp has been called a superfood. Their seed powder helps improve the lipid profile of the blood and regulates the functioning of the digestive system. The abundance of antioxidants will help effectively fight the aging process. It soothes inflammation and allergy symptoms and has a great effect on the dog's fur.

Healthy joints thanks to a large dose of glucosamine and chondroitin, rose extract and a complex of omega acids. Comprehensive protection of the locomotor system will help your dog stay active for many years!

The protein source in Prince Ultra Premium Taste of Nature dog food is a combination of fresh meat, dehydrated meat and protein hydrolyzate from the most valuable meat species, such as reindeer and trout.

Reindeer meat contains oleic acid, which lowers bad cholesterol, and the fat it contains is just as healthy as fish fat, containing a lot of selenium.

Fresh, slowly caught trout is especially recommended for rheumatic diseases and osteoporosis. A large amount of omega acids supports the heart, strengthens bones and ensures beautiful fur.

Hydrolysis is a process in which proteins are divided into smaller parts using water, thanks to which they are even better absorbed by the body.

Dehydration, or drying, is one of the oldest methods of protecting nutrients. By getting rid of water, we preserve the meat, protecting it against the development of microorganisms that adversely affect its quality. To sum up, we select the best quality meat and dehydrate it, obtaining a concentrated source of healthy meat proteins.

Do you know what powers lie in our superfoods?


their seed powder is made from ground hemp seeds, retaining all the health-promoting properties of this plant. Contains important amino acids, vitamins, minerals and omega acids. It lowers cholesterol, relieves arthritis, adds energy and improves circulation.

Dried pomegranate peel

it slows down the body's aging processes but also has antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties. Its use strengthens the body's immunity and strength to fight allergies.

Dried algae

they support body detoxification, tissue regeneration and the functioning of the immune system. They help maintain beautiful, intensely colored fur.

We never use poor quality raw materials in Prince products!

Taste of Nature does not contain any semi-finished products of animal origin, the best meat ingredients from muscles and heart are used to create the food.

The fat we use in our food comes from chicken, it is one of the best quality fats on the market, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. We do not use pork fat or low-quality vegetable fats.

Prince Taste of Nature dry food prepared to provide the healthiest, biologically appropriate meal for your dog.

A 4kg package contains granules with a diameter of 13mm.


Data sheet

The taste of food
no chicken
Dog size
for all dogs
large, over 25 kg
medium dogs 11-25kg
miniature up to 4 kg
small dogs 5-10 kg
Dog's age
adult dogs
older dogs (senior)
Special needs of the dog
for picky dogs
high meat content
no chicken
Weight of dry food
over 2 kg up to 5 kg
Cat special needs
no chicken


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Prince Taste of Nature dog food with reindeer, trout and hemp 4 kg

Dog food with reindeer, trout and hemp meat, grain-free

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Skład: Świeży pstrąg, suszone mięso z renifera, groszek, łuski grochu, tłuszcz z indyka i kurczaka, bób, białko wołowe, mąka z nasion konopi, hydrolizowane białko z wątróbki, drożdże, suszona pulpa buraczana,algi ,cykoria(naturalne źródło FOS oraz inuliny), przetworzone drożdze (MOS), jukka schidigera, suszone jabłka (Malus pumila), suszona skórka granatu (Puni granatum),suszone owoce róży (Rosa Canina L.R., Pendulina L.) glukozamina (80mg/kg),  chondroitin suplhate (40mg/kg)

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