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Prince Bez Zboż Chicken with Fish 12kg dry food for small breeds without grains

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Prince Bez Zboż Chicken with Fish 12kg dry food for small breeds without grains

Prince Bez Zboż Chicken with Fish 12kg dry food for small breeds without grains

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Prince Grain Free Small Dog Prince Dog "Bez Zbąż" Small Breed 12 kg

No grains – No GMOs – No artificial preservatives

Highly nutritious dry food for small and medium-sized adult dogs

The needs of small breed dogs are different from those of large breed dogs. Prince understands this, which is why we have created food that is a comprehensive answer to them.

We do not compromise on healthy eating, we only use the best and most effective solutions. Prince food is a healthy, natural and very tasty meal.

The best quality chicken meat and fresh salmon are the main ingredients of this fully balanced food. This combination makes it perfect for even the pickiest dogs - exceptionally aromatic and tasty.

A modern small breed dog needs a diet based on the diet of its ancestors combined with the needs resulting from its domestication. Prince has created an optimally balanced diet, full not only of the best quality meat, but also antioxidants, probiotics and omega acids, all in perfect proportions.

The Prince formula for small breeds has been developed to ensure the best possible appearance of the skin and fur. Omega acid complex, yeast and selenium are ingredients that have scientifically proven beneficial effects on the coat. Not only will they make it shinier and stronger, but they will also minimize excessive hair loss. Dried algae are a real treasure trove of unique nutrients. It has a great effect on pigmentation, deepening and intensifying the natural color of the coat.

PRINCE PREMIUM foods are carefully prepared from natural ingredients, selected according to the highest possible standards. We never use poor quality raw materials to produce our food. Prince No Grain does not contain any semi-finished products of animal origin, the best meat ingredients from muscles and heart are used to create the food. The fat we use in our food comes from chicken, it is one of the best quality fats on the market, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. We do not use industrial fats or low-quality vegetable fats.


PRINCE PREMIUM grain-free dry dog food is a unique formula in which each ingredient is well-thought-out and does not contain unnecessary fillers. The shape of the granules helps maintain healthy teeth and gums. The size and shape of the granules have been specially adapted for small breed dogs. The food has a wealth of natural ingredients: fresh meat, fish supplemented with natural additives, selected to ensure the best condition of your dog.


In accordance with nature, in accordance with the biological needs of the dog, these are the principles that guide us when creating food for your dogs. When composing a diet for small dogs, we took into account how exposed they are to air pollution in cities. The life of a modern dog is different from that of its ancestors. He is not at risk of stress related to finding food or fighting the cold, but he is at risk of, among other things, oxidative stress or being overweight. Prince No Grain will provide the maximum amount of ingredients while maintaining the appropriate proportions of protein, fat and calories so that your dog is well-nourished, has a lot of energy, but also that its weight is optimal. An effective set of antioxidants will perfectly cope with free radicals, support detoxification and slow down the aging of your dog. Antioxidants not only scavenge free radicals, but also repair the damage caused by them.

Our super ingredients:

✅ salmon meat and oil - a treasure trove of Omega acids and an excellent source of protein

✅ cranberries are one of the strongest antioxidants and support the health of the urinary system

✅ prebiotics improve the digestion process and support the immune system

✅brewer's yeast is an excellent source of B vitamins

✅ linseed has a positive effect on the digestive system

✅green algae lower cholesterol levels and support body detoxification

✅ kibble in a size adapted for smaller dogs in a special shape that helps clean teeth

Prince is a family company that has been specializing in the production of food for dogs and cats for many years. In the heart of sunny Malta, the best food formulas are created out of great love for animals, because we really care.

Metabolic energy: 3,614KJ


Vitamin A 15000iu, Vitamin D3 1500iu, Vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol 200mg

Trace elements:

Manganese - (II) - monohydrate 10mg, Zinc sulfate, monohydrate 140mg, Copper - (II) - sulfate pentahydrate 10mg, Iron - (II) - sulfate monohydrate 100mg Selenium (sodium selenite 0.2mg, Iodine (calcium iodate) 1.0mg

Technical additives: Natural antioxidants, vitamin C as a natural preservative


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Prince Bez Zboż Chicken with Fish 12kg dry food for small breeds without grains

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Składniki: Suszone mięso z kurczaka, Groch, Ziemniaki, Ryby (suszony łosoś/olej z łososia), Tłuszcz z kurczaka, Siemię lniane, Pulpa buraczana, Suszona cykoria (naturalne źródło FOS i inuliny), Witaminy i minerały, Całe suszone jaja, Drożdże browarniane, Suszona marchew, Sól, Suszona żurawina, Ekstrakty roślinne, Suszone pomidory, Suszony szpinak, Suszone wodorosty

Analiza: Białko surowe 26%, Oleje i tłuszcze surowe 17%, Kwas tłuszczowy Omega 3 1,3%, Kwas tłuszczowy Omega 6 3,1%, Błonnik surowy 4,5%, Materia nieorganiczna 7,5%, Wapń (Ca) 1,2%, Fosfor (P) 0,8%, Magnez (Mg) 0,1%

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