Prince Paleo Deer Ostrich Cheese Cottage 150 g wet dog food


✅ HUMAN GRADE meat with over 92% fresh meat

✅ No artificial dyes

✅ No artificial flavors

✅ No additives

✅ Grain-free

✅ Soy free

✅ No pork

✅ Sugar-free

Healthy food packed in convenient SACHETS - complete and balanced food for small breed dogs, and an ideal addition to dry food for large breed dogs. We have selected the highest quality (GMO-free) meats, vegetables, fruits and herbs to meet the needs of your pets. Choose Prince Premium if you want to fully meet your dog's needs and prevent allergies.

Available in 150g sachets

By choosing PRINCESS PREMIUM , you introduce your dog to the world of unique, complete, healthy food that corresponds to its natural diet.

PRINCESS PREMIUM foods are a concentration of the highest quality proteins combined with healthy nutrients. They have been thoroughly examined, passing a series of tests to ensure that they contain all the ingredients declared by us and that they are free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

The entire range of natural wet food provides dogs with complete, balanced nutrition at every stage of life, and their owners can enjoy the comfort of feeding with the highest quality products that have a beneficial effect on the animal's health and condition.

A lot of research and effort has gone into selecting the ingredients for our products, and information about them will help you understand their benefits for our animals.

Meat – of the same quality as meat intended for humans, to ensure the highest possible nutritional value.

The meat we use in our food meets the highest possible standards and is accepted by EU veterinary legal standards resulting from IFS (International Foods Standard) certificates.

Specialty meats – Oysters and Game, Wildebeest, Buffalo and Boar.

Oysters are rich in iron and resistant to harmful bacteria - perfect for balancing pH. Venison is low in fat and a good source of vitamins B12 and B6. The iron contained in oysters and game helps transport oxygen from the lungs to the cells, which is very important for energy production and metabolism.

Wild boar meat gives strength, healthy blood for a healthy heart and longer life.

Natural ingredients, which include mixtures of vegetables, vitamins, herbs, plant and fruit extracts, provide rich supplementation and many benefits for the body.

Sweet potatoes – a good source of vitamin B6, manganese, copper, vitamin H, pantothenic acid, vitamin B2 and fiber. Vitamin A and C providing health properties as a strong antioxidant that fights free radicals.

Pumpkin - a source of fiber, may help reduce the risk of tumors, heart disease and blindness, and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Biotin - prevents fatigue and muscle pain, essential in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. It helps maintain appropriate blood sugar levels, which is very important, especially for diabetic cats. A unique effect on the condition of the skin and fur as well as the functioning of the nervous and digestive systems.

Produced in Germany.

Ingredients: Meat and broth 88.9% (55% deer meat, deer hearts, deer liver, deer offal, 23.9% broth, 10% ostrich meat and ostrich hearts), 5% sweet potatoes, 2% pumpkin, 3% Cottage cheese, 0.1% Macadamia oil, 1% minerals


Protein 11.3%

Fat 5.8%

Ash 2.0%

Dietary fiber 0.3%

Humidity 75.0%


Vitamin A 3.000iu

Vitamin D3 200iu

Vitamin E 30mg

Biotin 300mcg

Zinc (sulfate)

monohydrate 15mg

Manganese (sulfate)

monohydrate 3mg

Iodine 0.75mg

Selenium 0.03mg

Cassia gum 1.000mg


Data sheet

The taste of food
no chicken
The consistency of the food
Minced meat
Type of food packaging
Dog size
for all dogs
large, over 25 kg
medium dogs 11-25kg
miniature up to 4 kg
small dogs 5-10 kg
Dog's age
adult dogs
older dogs (senior)
Special needs of the dog
for active dogs
for overweight dogs
for picky dogs
high meat content
no chicken
Weight of wet food
from 101 g to 200 g
Cat special needs
no chicken


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Prince Raw Paleo Deer Ostrich Cheese Cottage 150 g wet dog food

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