List of products by brand Jurajskie Sianko

Jurassic Hay

Natural hay for rabbits and rodents, collected from the meadows of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland.

High quality product

Jurassic Hay is a basic element of the diet of rabbits and rodents. Collected from the Eagle's Nests Landscape Park, our hay contains dozens of grasses and herbs, guaranteeing a healthy and tasty alternative to the standard diet.

Remaining offer from Sianko Juraskie

We offer not only Jura Sianko, but also specialized herb mixtures, dried herbs, vegetables, fruits, chews and treats. Products selected from our farm, hand-selected and packed.

Additional benefits for customers

On special request, we adapt the packaging, and when ordering, for example, a feeder, you will receive a sample of Jurajska Sianek. We make sure that our customers feel pampered and satisfied.

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