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The highest quality dog and cat food produced in Canada

The highest quality dog and cat food produced in Canada from meat from local suppliers in Human Grade quality
1 st Choice foods contain chelated minerals, which makes their absorption higher.
A perfect meal for dogs and cats. 1st Choice foods do not contain artificial preservatives. Because you care about your pet, these foods are suitable for any pet's age and condition.
A unique composition of food that has been prepared to meet all the nutritional needs of cats and dogs, high-quality animal protein.
Allergen-free formula ensures better digestibility. Contains no animal by-products, artificial colors or preservatives.

1st Choice foods are also veterinary foods. The 1st Choice Vet series of cards are formulas specially developed by veterinarians and dieticians, selected to address the dog's current health problems or to prevent them in the future.
Specialized foods are designed to alleviate the effects of the disease or support proper functioning. Veterinary foods contain the best-matched ingredients that support your pet.
The veterinary food offer includes:


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