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Pawsome!® food for adult cats and kittens

All wonderful cats eat Pawsome food.

Let your cat discover the secrets of the flavors of our Pawsome wet food.

Pawsone is juicy pieces of meat in a delicious sauce in various varieties. Every feline friend will be happy with Pawsome, whether it's baby tigers, adult cats or sterilized cats, we have adapted recipes to the specific needs of each life stage.

Cats are demanding when it comes to food. That's why all Pawsome varieties contain essential taurine, which keeps the hunter's eyes sharp and the heart functioning properly. Cats absolutely need taurine in their diet because their bodies do not produce it on their own.

  • Adequate and tasty
  • 88% ingredients of animal origin
  • With delicious sauce
  • With natural inulin
  • With food and excellent herbs
  • With taurine
  • No grains and no added sugar

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