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Hello kitty, I'm Lucky Lou!

Hello, it's me - Lucky Lou, your morning breakfast and all-day snacking companion. You can also call me Lucky or Lou! You should have me in your cat bowl, I'm totally prepared for that.

Real happiness for every cat, coming from the best dry food? Is he a supporter of mixed feeding and does the cat prefer only wet food? Then I have a solution for you. Behind my Food Code there is a carefully crafted recipe for happiness. The perfect balance of taste and vitality for us cats. I mean, you know me: I have meat in my bowl!

  • Each Lucky Lou variety comes with 8 benefits for your cat's holistic concept of health
  • Dry food with fresh meat and high-quality dried protein
  • A concept for every stage of life of kittens, adult cats and seniors
  • Customized croquette size
  • Lucky Lou is suitable for sterilized cats and cats with reduced energy requirements
  • A special variety of food with insects
  • Perfect dry food for mixed feeding
  • Very high palatability, as many as 97% of cats loved Lucky Lou

The highest quality cat food created with feline sense :)

Free from gluten, grains, added sugar, preservatives and genetic engineering.

Not tested on animals.

Hey, Lucky Lou cat food is waiting for you!

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