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Maced is a brand that has been present on the Polish market for over 30 years. Maced products have always been distinguished by their refined and safe composition. It is the combination of modern solutions, tradition and natural processes that makes Maced synonymous with the highest quality dog treats. The offer includes a wide range of products that meet the needs of all dogs.

Specialist knowledge in the field of dog nutrition, modern technology and the best raw materials guarantee the high quality of our natural delicacies.

MACED snacks made of the highest quality, easily digestible and 100% natural products.

They are sources of vitamins, proteins and nutrients that influence the proper functioning of the dog's body. Rich in protein, they do not contain any artificial preservatives or flavoring additives. Treats satisfy your dog's natural need to chew. They are an excellent supplement to the dog's daily diet. Recommended for its natural teeth-cleaning and gum-strengthening properties.

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