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Cat's Best is a family of hygienic litters offered by J.Rettenmaier & Sohne.

Cat's Best cat litters made of plant fibers

Cat's Best - excellent litter for cats

Cat's Best offers a wide selection of products

Why Choose Cat's Best?

    • Premium Ingredients: Our products contain the highest quality ingredients,
    • Gentle litter : gentle on cats' paws

Using a complex process developed especially for Cat's Best - ICS* Wood Fiber Technology, plant fibers are technologically improved.
The active wood fibers obtained in this way are able to absorb and contain up to 7 times more urine/fluid than their own weight. Naturally, instantly and reliably down to the last drop! This also significantly reduces the formation of unpleasant odors. Cat's Best can stay in the litter box for several weeks before it needs to be completely replaced. Clean for animals, people and the environment, because Cat's Best is completely biodegradable.

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