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Cat's Best Original cat litter (formerly ECO PLUS) 10L

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cat litter (formerly ECO PLUS) 10L

Cat's Best
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Cat's Best Original cat litter (formerly ECO PLUS) 10L

Cat's Best Original cat litter (formerly ECO PLUS) 10L

cat litter (formerly ECO PLUS) 10L

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Cat's Best Original (formerly Eco Plus) cat litter is up to 3 times more efficient compared to other litters, because moisture is stored in natural plant collecting systems. That's why Cat's Best Eco Plus litter is more economical than other litters.

Advantages of Cat's Best Original litter:

High odor absorption

It smells natural - without artificial additives, binds all unpleasant odors

100% natural, biodegradable:

3x more efficient than other litters

By absorbing moisture, it increases its volume by up to 700%.

Easy to transport

It can be removed in the toilet

The production of Cat's Best Original litter uses plant fibers obtained from felled fir and spruce trees, a process that helps maintain healthy and natural forests.

Cat's Best Original is produced like toilet paper from natural plant fibers, so it dissolves in water and no residues remain in the pipes. However, remember to always flush the toilet.

Extremely gentle on cats' paws


Litter lumps can only be emptied into the toilet in reasonable quantities! Pour lumps of gravel into the toilet and wait until they are soaked in water. Then rinse them with a large stream of water, which properly moisturizes and rinses them. Repeat this operation several times. It is also helpful to crush the gravel before throwing it into the water.

Do not throw all the litter into the water at once, because it needs time to thoroughly moisturize, decompose and wash away the lumps. In this way, the entire process takes place quickly and hygienically.

The toilet is not an ideal solution when emptying the litter box. Litter should be thrown into compost or waste.


Data sheet

Type of gravel
absorbs odors
hypoallergenic litter
no smell
suitable for toilet
wooden gravel


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Cat's Best Original cat litter (formerly ECO PLUS) 10L

cat litter (formerly ECO PLUS) 10L

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