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Super Benek universal litter 10L

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Super Benek
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Super Benek universal litter 10L

Super Benek universal litter 10L

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BENEK universal natural litter is hygienic litter for pets made of bentonite clay. It is characterized by the content of regular grains with a size of 0.5-4 mm. Very efficient, it clumps and swells at the same time, which significantly increases its efficiency. It absorbs liquids and unpleasant odors very effectively. Dry, light, warm - it gives the impression of being heated, which provides great comfort for the cat and the owner.

BENEK universal natural litter in brief:

  • 100% bio natural product
  • it can be disposed of with household waste
  • dust-free - grains do not remain on the cat's paws and fur - the animal does not spread the litter around the apartment
  • perfectly clumping - moisture is absorbed immediately, forming hard lumps, they can be removed with a spatula, and the rest of the bedding remains dry and hygienically clean
  • very efficient - only the removable lumpy part of the litter is replenished each time, not the entire contents of the litter box
  • binds odors extremely well - it immediately absorbs unpleasant odors and prevents them from spreading around the apartment

How to use bentonite litters:
In the cat litter box, pour a layer of 3-5 cm over the entire surface of the litter box, and in the case of other animals, make an appropriate mound in the cage. Only the used (lumpy) part of the litter should be replaced (removed), and any gaps should be supplemented. After thoroughly cleaning the litter box, the previously poured out non-clumping litter should be poured back into the litter box.


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Type of gravel
bentonite litter


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Super Benek universal litter 10L

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