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Wet and dry dog food made from the best ingredients. Prince

Are you looking for the perfect combination of quality and taste for your pet? These are PRINCE PREMIUM Taste of Nature Grain-Free dry dog foods - unique dry foods carefully created to provide your dog with not only tasty, but also healthy meals.

The best ingredients in one package

Our Prince Premium Taste of Nature Grain-Free dry dog food is a real treat for your pet. They contain dried meat ingredients, vegetable additives and special natural additives, combined according to the highest standards. Thanks to this, all the nutritional ingredients combine into a perfectly balanced meal that provides your dog with the necessary nutrients.

Our Prince Premium 400 gr line of wet dog food is the perfect complement to your pet's diet. High quality ingredients and attention to taste make our food not only healthy, but also delicious.

Over 90% meat - this is not an exaggeration

Like our competitors, we can proudly say that our Prince Premium wet dog foods contain over 90% meat. Why? Because we know how important the quality of the ingredients comes from. Our hypoallergenic wet foods are prepared from various types of high-quality meats that support your pet's health and immune system. Additionally, you will also find vegetables, fruits and herbs that provide valuable nutrients.

German quality that speaks

The quality of our products is our priority, which is why all our foods are produced in Germany. Our Prince Premium line of wet dog food in 150 gr sachets is an excellent choice for your pet. Each portion is a combination of the highest quality meat, vegetables and herbs that will provide your dog not only with taste, but also with health.

For small dogs - the best solution

If you have a small pet, we also take care of you. Our wet food for dogs, PRINCE PREMIUM meat fillets with a capacity of 170 gr, are ideal portions for small breeds. Now you can be sure that your dog gets the best and you can see what he eats. Your dog will definitely like these tender meat fillets.

Choose PRINCE PREMIUM and you can be sure that your dog gets the highest quality and taste in one. We offer not only healthy but also delicious meals that will provide your pet with all the necessary nutrients. Produced in Germany, our foods are synonymous with quality. Your dog deserves it.

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