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Jurassic Sianko 500g

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Jurassic Sianko 500g

Jurassic Sianko 500g

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Jurassic Classic Hay 500g, natural for rodents and rabbits

Jurassic Sianko is a classic coming straight from our meadows, located in the beautiful, rich in diverse vegetation area of the Krakow-Częstochowa Upland. It is a fully natural and ecological product, prepared with heart and care at all stages of its production. The hay comes from beautifully scented June trees. swaths, was collected on rainless days and then carefully dried and dusted to remove dust and small fractions. The final stage is its careful manual packing. Thanks to this, the hay retains its full nutritional and taste values.

  • aromatic hay from June mowings from Jurassic meadows
  • the hay was dedusted, free of dust and small fractions
  • the hay has a rich natural composition of grasses
  • rich in crude fiber, which helps regulate metabolism
  • helps to grind down constantly growing teeth
  • constitutes the basis of the daily diet of rabbits and rodents

Rabbits and rodents should have constant access to clean, tasty hay, which is the basis of their daily diet. It should be fed in a special feeder to avoid contamination.



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Jurassic Sianko 500g

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