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Prince "Bez Zbąż" Mała Rasa 2 kg

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Prince "Bez Zbąż" Mała Rasa 2 kg

Prince "Bez Zbąż" Mała Rasa 2 kg

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Prince Dog "Bez Zbąż" Small Breed 2 kg

Dry food for small adult dogs with chicken and fish.

This formula is recommended for small adult dogs of all ages - tasty and high in protein. For dogs suffering from health or allergy problems. The food is full of specific probiotics and antioxidants that help maintain your dog's well-being.

PRINCE PREMIUM foods are carefully prepared, full of goodness with specialized, natural ingredients developed to the highest possible standards. There is nothing to hide and every effort has been made to list all ingredients, detailing the benefits of promoting good health, from the inside out.


Grain-free dry dog ​​food PRINCE PREMIUM and SUPER PREMIUM is a unique product that is full of goodness and does not contain unnecessary fillers. The kibble shape helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.

The food is rich in natural ingredients: fresh meat, fish, vegetables and herbs, as well as tempting aromas that improve palatability.

The formula of the food has been developed to facilitate digestion and is combined with high-energy protein and vegetables that are rich in dietary fiber with vitamin E and vitamin B complex (iron).


Mixtures of vegetables, vitamins, herbs, plant and fruit extracts are ingredients that offer a number of benefits to you and your pet.

Formula developed by nutritional experts:

✅High presence of vegetables with high energy content, vitamin E,

✅ B vitamin complex and iron

✅High levels of fish and chicken for good health

✅Easily digestible formula

​Metabolic energy:



Vitamin A 15000iu, Vitamin D3 1500iu, Vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol 200mg

​Trace elements:

Manganese - (II) - monohydrate 10mg, Zinc sulfate monohydrate 140mg, Copper - (II) - sulfate pentahydrate 10mg, Iron - (II) - sulfate monohydrate 100mg Selenium (sodium selenite 0.2mg, Iodine (calcium iodate) 1.0mg

​Technical extras:

Natural antioxidants, Preservative (citric acid)

Ingredients: Dried chicken, Peas, Potatoes, Fish (dried salmon/salmon oil), Animal fat (chicken), Linseed, Beetroot pulp, Dried chicory (natural source of FOS and inulin), Vitamins and minerals, Whole dried eggs, Yeast brewery ingredients, Dried carrots, Salt, Dried cranberries, Plant extracts, Dried tomatoes, Dried spinach, Dried seaweed

Analysis: Crude protein 26%, Crude oils and fats 17%, Omega 3 fatty acid 1.3%, Omega 6 fatty acid 3.1%, Crude fiber 4.5%, Inorganic matter 7.5%, Calcium (Ca) 1.2%, Phosphorus (P) 0.8%, Magnesium (Mg) 0.1%


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Weight of dry food
up to 2 kg


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Prince "Bez Zbąż" Mała Rasa 2 kg

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