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Prince Filet Chunky Tuna corn 95 gr wet dog food

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Prince Filet Chunky Tuna corn 95 gr wet dog food

Prince Filet Chunky Tuna corn 95 gr wet dog food

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Prince Filet Chunky Feast Tuna sweet corn and potatoes 95 g wet food for dogs of small breeds

A taste that dogs will love - our range of delicious dog food is specially designed for small breeds. Pieces of fresh meat containing only the best natural ingredients.

Prince Chunky Feast contains high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6, which guarantees perfectly shiny fur and healthy skin. They help treat dog skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, skin allergies and psoriasis. They support the nervous system, cardiovascular system and the dog's immune system. Omega 3 has a beneficial effect for dogs with arthritis by reducing inflammation. It is also important in puppies' brain development, supporting cognitive functions such as memory and attention. Omega 6 has a beneficial effect on the structure of the dog's cell membrane and stimulates cell growth. Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids found in the food also strengthen your pet's heart and kidneys.

What makes Prince Chunky Feast special:

✅ high protein content

✅ high content of omega 3 and 6 acids guarantees perfectly shiny fur and healthy skin

✅ideal for dogs suffering from allergies

✅prevents mobility problems and arthritis

✅ideal for overweight dogs

✅ adapted to small breed dogs

✅ no fillers, artificial colors or additives

✅high digestibility and easy absorption of ingredients

✅incredibly tasty

Ingredients: tuna 50%, sweet corn 2%, potatoes 2%, rice 1%, jelly 45%

Analytical ingredients: protein 13%, fat 0.1%, fiber 1%, ash 2%, moisture 85%


Data sheet

The taste of food
The consistency of the food
Meat fillets
Over 80% meat
Type of food packaging
Dog size
for all dogs
Weight of wet food
up to 100 g


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Prince Filet Chunky Tuna corn 95 gr wet dog food

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