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Brit Pate&Meat Duck 400g Wet dog food

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Brit Pate&Meat Duck 400g Wet dog food

Brit Pate&Meat Duck 400g Wet dog food

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Brit Pate&Meat Duck 400g

The food provides complete and balanced nutrition. The formula does not contain: Cereals, Soy and GMOs

Food should be served at room temperature. Food dosage may vary depending on the dog's activity and the environment in which it lives. When giving canned food to diversify and enrich the taste of meals, the daily portion of basic food should be reduced accordingly. Make sure your dog has access to fresh water. Store in a dry, cool place. After opening, store in the refrigerator.


  • 27% duck
  • 23% chicken
  • 8% whole chicken liver
  • 12% heart and lungs
  • 28.5% broth
  • 1% minerals
  • 0.5% salmon oil


  • crude protein 11%
  • fat content 9%
  • humidity 75%
  • raw ash 6.5%
  • raw fiber 0.4%

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Weight of wet food
from 201g to 400g


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Brit Pate&Meat Duck 400g Wet dog food

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