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Equinox Hooves 2.5kg preparation for horses

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Equinox Hooves 2.5kg preparation for horses

Equinox Hooves 2.5kg preparation for horses

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Equinox Hooves 2.5kg preparation for horses.

Equinox Hooves enriched with biotin, zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese is intended for horses with hoof problems.

Zinc and phosphorus in the presence of magnesium play a key role in maintaining a healthy structure.

Calcium is involved in the final phase of the hoof horn; its deficiency reduces the elasticity of the entire structure. The product supports the regular growth of a healthy hoof horn, protects against cracking of the walls and strengthens and nourishes the entire hoof.

Vitamin C and purple coneflower with anti-inflammatory properties reduce the risk of infection in the hoof and prevent hoof rot.

Buckwheat in the Equinox Hooves supplementary feed mixture improves blood circulation in the hoof box.

Advantages of the preparation:

  • Strengthens and nourishes the hoof.
  • Supports hoof horn growth.
  • Protects against hoof infection.
  • Improves circulation in the horn tissue of the hoof.
  • Integrates the structure of the sole of the hoof.

Feed material: Yarrowia lipolytica feed yeast (source of vitamins, amino acids, macro and microelements and biologically active substances), dried apple, calcium carbonate, linseed oil, magnesium chelate, buckwheat, fruit flavor.

Feed additives: biotin, zinc chelate, purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea), vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), copper chelate, manganese chelate, sodium selenite.


General composition: Crude protein 26.0% Crude fat 8.6% Crude fiber 1.5% Dry matter 95.0% Crude ash 22.0% Macroelements: Calcium 25.7 g/kg Phosphorus 9.8 g/kg Magnesium 1.6 g/kg Sodium 7.4 g/kg Microelements: [in 1 kg] Iron 60.5 mg/kg Copper 2,413 mg/kg Zinc 12,117 mg/kg Manganese 1,765 mg/kg Selenium 4.5 mg /kg Amino acids: Lysine 11.5 g/kg Methionine 3.2 g/kg Threonine 6.9 g/kg Cystine 2.5 g/kg Serine 5.1 g/kg Proline 6.8 g/kg Glycine 8.3 g/kg Alanine 13.2 g/kg Valine 9.8 g/kg Leucine 12.0 g/kg Isoleucine 8.3 g/kg Tyrosine 14.8 g/kg Phenylalanine 7.0 g/kg Histidine 3.7 g /kg Arginine 7.5 g/kg Aspartic acid 15.1 g/kg Glutamic acid 20.8 g/kg Vitamins: B2 16.5 mg/kg B3 100.5 mg/kg B5 49.3 mg/kg B7 ( Biotin) 1,441 mg/kg B9 (Folic acid) 885 μg/kg B12 4.1 μg/kg



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Equinox Hooves 2.5kg preparation for horses

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