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Rotho square container. 0.5 l LOFT transparent/white

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Rotho square container. 0.5 l LOFT transparent/white

Rotho square container. 0.5 l LOFT transparent/white

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Rotho square container. 0.5 l LOFT

Container from the Rotho LOFT premium line

What are the advantages of Loft containers:

✅ they are very transparent, just like through glass, they allow easy insight into its contents, you can always see what is inside

✅The Loft is suitable for storing food for people and animals. Whether it's cat food, pasta or coffee, you can see what's inside and how much.

✅The Rotho Loft container has a hermetic closure, so no odors will escape, but they will not get inside either.

✅can be used in refrigerators and freezers

✅ Like every Rotho product, they are made with the utmost care, and the Loft line is characterized by a modern design.

✅ Rotho Loft containers are available in many sizes, they are always the right size to fit in your kitchen

✅Loft are produced in a modern factory, do not contain BPA and have been approved for contact with food

✅Rotho Loft containers are dishwasher safe

✅Rotho Loft containers can be frozen down to -20 degrees C

The transparent LOFT premium container is aesthetic and functional at the same time. Thanks to the sealing ring, the contents of LOFT premium can remain fresh for a long time. The container is made of scratch-resistant plastic and is dishwasher safe.

Proper storage is easily possible with the high-quality LOFT container from Rotho. We know how difficult it is to keep track of all your inventory. The highly transparent LOFT container allows you to see what's inside, so you can always see what's missing. Pasta, rice or muesli are protected from food moths in the Rotho food storage container. Sausage and cheese can be safely stored in the LOFT premium container in the refrigerator or freezer without creating unpleasant odors.



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Rotho square container. 0.5 l LOFT transparent/white

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