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Maced BEEF STICKS WITH LIVER 100g for dogs

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Maced BEEF STICKS WITH LIVER 100g for dogs

Maced BEEF STICKS WITH LIVER 100g for dogs

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Maced delicacy for dogs, beef sticks with liver, 100g

✅ No artificial dyes added

✅ Relieves inflammation of the oral cavity

✅ Mineral ingredients only of natural origin

✅ Perfect choice for allergy sufferers

Beef sticks with liver are an excellent, high-meat and monoprotein snack for your dog.

It contains as much as 91% beef.

Beef is a source of heme iron (easily absorbable from animal origin).

It also supports metabolism and regeneration after exercise, which is why beef strips are an ideal snack for working dogs and dogs with a lot of exercise.

The delicacy is easily divided into smaller pieces, making it perfect as a reward during training, as well as a snack between meals as a supplement to the daily diet.

– beef 91%

– no added sugars

– without added dyes

– soft strips for every dog


Meat and animal products (beef 91%, including beef liver 24%), products of plant origin, minerals.


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no chicken
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for all dogs
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adult dogs
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Maced BEEF STICKS WITH LIVER 100g for dogs

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