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Cardboard cat scratcher, medium size

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Cardboard cat scratcher, medium size

Cardboard cat scratcher, medium size

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A cardboard cat scratcher from Kot w Butach.
The company established in 2018 in Kielce, known for its production of natural grass for cats, now presents cardboard scratching posts.
Produced ecologically from natural raw materials.
A cardboard scratching post is an ideal product for rubbing your cat's claws and will help reduce the risk of your pet damaging your furniture.
The material used in the production of the scratching post is one of the favorites of cats and will encourage them to scratch and play.
The product consists of many layers of cardboard glued together with animal-safe glue.
Thanks to its wavy shape and insulating properties , the scratching post combines care with rest, the cat can comfortably lie down on it and rest as much as it wants.
High-quality materials and appropriate shape ensure stability and high durability.
The scratching post can be used on both sides, which extends its service life.

Features :
- ecologically produced
- unique shape
- cardboard that encourages play
- long service life
- helps reduce the destruction of furniture

Size : 57 x 16 x 22 cm


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Cardboard cat scratcher, medium size

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