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VET Gussto Cat - Renal 200g wet veterinary food for cats

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VET Gussto Cat - Renal 200g wet veterinary food for cats

VET Gussto Cat - Renal 200g wet veterinary food for cats

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A complete, perfectly balanced super-premium kidney diet for cats.
The unique composition was created with the help of dietitians and veterinarians to support the treatment of chronic and acute kidney failure.
The food contains low phosphorus and sodium content, which helps maintain the proper metabolic balance of the body.

The level of protein of high biological value from the best raw materials has been reduced, so the food relieves the kidneys by providing the appropriate amount of energy and amino acids.
The addition of sweet potatoes provides your pet's body with beta-carotene, which is an important antioxidant, they are easily digestible and soothe the intestines and stomach.
The food contains vitamin C and B as well as iron and phosphorus, thus strengthening the immune system, and additives such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and magnesium have anti-inflammatory properties.
Gussto Veterinary Cat Renal is characterized by a low glycemic index, which means that the process of releasing energy from the food is slow, effectively regulating the level of glucose in the blood.
Salmon oil is a real wealth of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which in appropriate proportions inhibits inflammatory processes and supports treatment, and cranberries, rich in vitamins and minerals, help prevent urinary tract infections.


83.6% Turkey, Goose and chicken broth (meat, offal), 8% chicken fat, 5% sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes), 1.3% salmon oil, 1% cranberries, 1% minerals.

Analytical components:

protein 6.5%, fat 11.0%, crude ash 2.1%, crude fiber 0.4%, moisture 77%, calcium 0.19%, phosphorus 0.10%, sodium 0.08%, potassium 0 .30%, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.42%, Omega-6 1.50%

Balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio 1.9/1 (0.19%/0.10%).

Energy value : 121.77 Kcal/100g, 509.49 kJ/100g

Food additives important for nutritional physiology/kg : vitamin D3 220 IE, zinc as zinc sulfate, monohydrate 27.5 mg, manganese as manganese (II) sulfate, monohydrate 1.5 mg, copper as copper sulfate 1.3 mg, iodine as iodate calcium 0.83 mg, Taurine 2000 mg, Biotin 330 µg.


Data sheet

The consistency of the food
Minced meat
Type of food packaging
Weight of wet food
from 101 g to 200 g
Cat special needs
high meat content
The age of the cat
adult cats
kittens and young cats
older cats


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VET Gussto Cat - Renal 200g wet veterinary food for cats

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