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Catz finefood No 23 beef & duck 800g wet cat food

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Catz finefood No 23 beef & duck 800g wet cat food

Catz finefood No 23 beef & duck 800g wet cat food

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Catz finefood N°23 contains lots of delicious beef, duck and healthy ingredients such as cranberries and aloe. Contains no preservatives, flavor enhancers or dyes. GMO-free.

Catz finefood CLASSIC contains a lot of fresh meat, fish, seafood, offal and cooking stock supplemented with selected additives such as oils, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

All ingredients are declared transparently. This is especially important when choosing food for nutritionally sensitive cats. The food is produced in Germany without animal testing. We do not use artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or added sugar.


Beef * 50% (consisting of meat, heart, lungs and liver), drinking water 23.3%,

Duck * 20% (consisting of heart and liver), cranberries 3%, aloe 2%, minerals 1%, rosemary 0.5%, rapeseed oil 0.2%

Beef: meat and heart together about 70% (of which 2/3 meat and 1/3 heart), offal together about 30% (each about 1/2 liver and lungs)

Duck: about 1/2 heart and 1/2 liver

Analytical components:

Crude protein 11.1%, fat 6.4%, crude ash 1.9%, crude fiber 0.3%, moisture 80%, calcium 0.2-0.3%, phosphorus 0.15-0.25% , sodium 0, 2-0.3%, magnesium 0.03-0.04%, potassium 0.15-0.25%

Dietary allowances per kg:

Vitamin D3 200 IE, taurine 1500 mg, zinc as zinc sulfate monohydrate 15 mg, manganese as manganese II sulfate monohydrate 3 mg, iodine as anhydrous calcium iodate 0.75 mg


Data sheet

The taste of food
no chicken
Weight of wet food
from 401 g to 800 g


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Catz finefood No 23 beef & duck 800g wet cat food

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