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ProBooster Adult Maxi 12kg Dry dog food

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ProBooster Adult Maxi 12kg Dry dog food

ProBooster Adult Maxi 12kg Dry dog food

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Probooster Adult Maxi is dedicated to adult dogs of large breeds and contains all the necessary micro- and macroelements. It contains 25% protein and 13% fat, consisting of 53% poultry meat.

Probooster Adult Maxi dog food contains the highest quality, carefully selected ingredients. A dog has a relatively short digestive system, so the elements contained in the food must be highly digestible.

The food contains ingredients that support healthy joints and bones, such as glucosamine, chondroitin and omega acids. We will also find a complex of vitamins and minerals responsible for beautiful fur. Yucca schidigera plant extract reduces unpleasant odors, has a beneficial effect on intestinal ailments, cleanses the kidneys and has anti-inflammatory properties. No GMO, corn, wheat or soy! The best choice for your dog!

PROTEIN - dogs are carnivores, so their diet requires amino acids, which can only be provided through animal protein. Despite profound changes in the environment, behavior and genotype, the basic needs remained the same. Therefore, Probooster products contain a large amount of high-quality meat, which also provides attractive taste. If you have previously fed your pet food containing smaller amounts of meat, remember about the 2-3 week adaptation process so that your pet gets used to its digestive system to the new, meaty food!

CARBOHYDRATES - a quick source of energy that ensures efficient metabolism. Various types of carbohydrates, such as sugars, fiber and starch, are an essential component of high-quality food. Probooster dog food does not contain corn or grains, and the only grain is rice, which is easily digestible and naturally gluten-free. The source of fiber in the food is dried apple, while the oligosaccharides present in it also act as a probiotic.

FATS - provide the right amount of energy, healthy appearance of fur and skin and overall excellent well-being. Omega-3 and -6 fats, which are also obtained from chicken, play a key role.

In addition, it contains a mixture of fruits and herbs whose beneficial effects on health are scientifically confirmed. These include apple, grape, rosemary, turmeric, citrus fruits, cloves, cranberries, sources of glucosamine and chondroitin, and yucca Schidigera. As you can see, Probooster is a comprehensive approach to nutrition and the best way to provide all the ingredients your dog may need!

ProBooster Adult Maxi has been developed to meet the nutritional needs of adult large breed dogs.

The Finnish company ProBooster specializes in dog nutrition; this brand's food is recommended by the best veterinarians. The company has been operating on the market since 1998, and the basis of its philosophy is to provide food whose composition and consistency takes into account the latest research in the field of animal dietetics, while also looking very attractive from the financial point of view. If you are looking for a top-shelf product that contains the highest quality ingredients, combines a taste that your dog will love, nutritional value and is easily digestible, the proposal from the Finnish brand is the choice for you.

Ingredients: chicken 50% (dried chicken meat 27%, dehydrated chicken meat 23%), rice, chicken fat (organic selenium and tocopherol as antioxidants, which are a source of vitamin E), dried apples, brewer's yeast, hydrolyzed chicken liver 3%, salmon oil, fruit and herbal extracts (grapes, rosemary, turmeric, citrus fruits and clove), hydrolyzed crustacean shells (source of glucosamine), hydrolyzed pig trachea and nasal cartilage (source of chondroitin), mannanoligosaccharides, fructooligosaccharides, plant extract Yucca schidigera.

Analytical composition: crude protein 25%, crude fat 13%, crude fiber 2.7%, moisture 10%, crude ash 6.2%, calcium 1.5%, phosphorus 1.1%.

Additives: vitamin A 19,000 IE, vitamin D3 1,800 IE, vitamin E 450 mg, zinc 100 mg, copper 18 mg, selenium 0.18 mg, glucosamine sulfate 260 mg, chondroitin sulfate 160 mg.

Protein: 25%

Fat: 13%

Meat content: 53% chicken

Produced in Finland.


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ProBooster Adult Maxi 12kg Dry dog food

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