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1st Choice Dog Adult Medium&Large Breeds weight control formula 10kg dry food for weight control

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1st Choice Dog Adult Medium&Large

1st Choice
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1st Choice Dog Adult Medium&Large Breeds weight control formula 10kg dry food for weight control

1st Choice Dog Adult Medium&Large Breeds weight control formula 10kg dry food for weight control

1st Choice Dog Adult Medium&Large

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Canadian 1st Choice and Pronature dog foods are changing to Smart Nature .

  • New Smart Nature dog foods are products with a higher amount of the best quality meat, adapted to the age, size and life stage of the dog.
  • Smart Nature offers various types of meat, such as: duck, rabbit, beef, lamb, turkey, pork, salmon, trout, herring...
  • Dog food with 65% meat content, without allergenic grains, dyes, preservatives, and semi-finished products of animal origin

We invite you to check out the Smart Nature line of grain-free, high-meat dog foods

Smart Nature Dog Hypoallergenic Duck grain-free dog food made from duck meat, without chicken Veterinary Approved

Smart Nature Dog Sensitive Rabbit 2kg grain-free food for dogs of all breeds, without chicken, 50% rabbit and turkey meat

Smart Nature Dog Skin Coat Fish 2kg grain-free food, 50% salmon and trout fish meat for all dogs, no chicken

Smart Nature Dog Venison 2kg grain-free dog food with deer meat and wild salmon for all breeds, without chicken

Smart Nature Dog Sensitive Stomach Turkey 2kg food for dogs with a sensitive digestive system, turkey with algae, monoprotein,

Smart Nature Dog Lamb&Rice Mono 2kg dog food 100% lamb without chicken protein supports skin and coat

Smart Nature Dog Hypoallergenic Lamb 2kg monoprotein dog food, 100% lamb, grain-free, chicken-free

Smart Nature Dog Small Duck & Orange 2kg monoprotein food for small breeds, grain-free, chicken-free, hypoallergenic

Smart Nature Dog Light Turkey&Cranberry 2kg grain-free food for overweight dogs, without chicken, supporting joints

Smart Nature Puppy Free Range Turkey 2kg 65% meat, free-range turkey and pork, collagen for joints, grain-free

Smart Nature Dog Senior Skin Coat Fish 2kg grain-free food with trout and salmon meat, without chicken, joint support

Smart Nature Dog Small Free Range Turkey 2kg grain-free, 65% meat, free-range turkey and pork, collagen for joints

Smart Nature Dog Small Angus Beef 2kg 65% Angus beef meat, grain-free, chicken-free, superfoods, natural collagen

Smart Nature Dog Small Hypoallergenic Lamb 2kg monoprotein food for small breeds, 100% lamb, grain-free, chicken-free

Smart Nature Puppy Skin Coat Fish 2kg grain-free with 60% salmon, haddock and white fish, food for puppies

1st Choice Dog Adult Medium&Large Breeds weight control formula

1st Choice dry food for adult dogs, medium and large breeds, weight control formula

High-meat dry food for adult dogs of medium and large breeds, made from chicken, grain-free!


Our team of pet nutrition experts have created a formula that meets the unique energy needs of overweight medium and large breed dogs. This weight control formula skillfully combines ingredients that promote fat burning and satiety control. Thanks to its low fat content

This delicious chicken formula will help your dog regain a slim figure while meeting his nutritional needs. The kibble size is perfect for medium and large breed dogs.


Reducing your dog's daily food intake is not the best way to lose weight. This strategy causes nutritional deficiencies and starvation in the animal. We designed our WEIGHT CONTROL formula to achieve your desired weight loss while following a hunger-reducing diet. Selected insoluble fibers are ideally suited for large dogs and regulate intestinal transit. Added L-carnitine also stimulates fat loss.

Did you know that 1st Choice is one of only a few percent of pet foods in the world produced in its own factories? This ensures control of the production process from beginning to end!

95% of manufacturers outsource such an important issue to external companies!

By choosing 1st Choice dry food for dogs, you receive a guarantee of the best quality products:

highest quality meat protein, 0% by-products!

50 years on the market, 0% complaints

directly from Canada, with fresh ingredients from local suppliers

lots of high-quality meat, the same class as for humans, HUMAN GRADE!


  • FAT - reduced fat content for better weight control

- Formula with 9% fat content.

- Up to 30% less fat than in the 1st chocie adult medium & large food. Combined with a controlled amount of metabolizable energy, this low-fat food helps obese dogs of medium and large breeds return to a normal and healthy weight.

  • PROTEIN + maximizes weight loss and provides a pleasant feeling of satiety

- CHICKEN: The first and only source of animal protein in the recipe, tasty chicken provides a full supply of essential amino acids. Protein helps dogs feel full, so they eat less. Protein also promotes good muscle mass, which encourages daily physical activity and energy expenditure.

  • L-CARNITINE - transforms fat into energy, thus reducing body fat.
  • FIBER + appetite control and optimal intestinal transit

- Fiber: This formula contains an optimal and balanced blend of prebiotic fiber, precisely selected to meet the needs of small dogs with shorter digestive systems. Prebiotic fibers nourish the intestinal flora and the good bacteria that allow them to reproduce contribute to the health of the digestive system and immune system. The optimal balance of fiber improves the quality of stool, facilitates intestinal transit, and reduces constipation.

JOINT SUPPORT helps improve the condition of cartilage and joints

- GLUCOSAMINE AND CHONDROITIN: The addition of glucosamine and chondroitin supports cartilage and joint health. These supplements are beneficial for large breed dogs that tend to have joint problems.


Losing your dog's weight isn't always easy. The basis is a complete, balanced diet. You should also increase your daily amount of physical activity - large dogs need exercise to maintain good muscle mass. Slim animals have fewer joint problems and live long, happy lives!


Dietary additives: vitamin A (as retinyl acetate) 25,000 IU, vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 2,000 IU, vitamin E (as alpha-tocopherol acetate) 130 IU, iron (as iron (ii) sulfate monohydrate) 158 mg, iodine (as calcium iodate) ) anhydrous) 3 mg, copper (as copper(ii) chelate amino acid hydrate) 2.2 mg, manganese (as manganese(ii) oxide) 22 mg, manganese (as manganese chelate amino acid hydrate) 4 mg, zinc (as zinc oxide ) 160 mg, zinc (as zinc chelate with amino acids hydrate) 9 mg, selenium (as sodium selenite) 0.09 mg, L-carnitine 150 mg.

Produced in Canada.

ANALYTICAL INGREDIENTS: Protein 24.5%, fat content 9.5%, crude fiber 3%, inorganic substances 6%, calcium 1.25%, phosphorus 0.9%, sodium 0.22%, glucosamine minimum 500 mg / kg , chondroitin 300 mg/kg minimum.


Data sheet

Weight of dry food
over 5 kg up to 10 kg


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1st Choice Dog Adult Medium&Large Breeds weight control formula 10kg dry food for weight control

1st Choice Dog Adult Medium&Large

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SKŁAD: Suszone mięso z kurczaka (źródło siarczanu chondroityny) (25,4%), jęczmień, owies, brązowy ryż, proso, błonnik grochowy, suszona miazga cytrusowa, kurczak tłuszcz, hydrolizat wątroby, siemię lniane, olej z ryb menhaden, ekstrakt drożdżowy (0,65%) (źródło prebiotycznych mannano-oligosacharydów), węglan wapnia, ekstrakt z cykorii (0,33%) (źródło prebiotycznej inuliny), sól, chlorek potasu, chlorowodorek glukozaminy, ekstrakt z juki schidigera, serwatka w proszku, suszona mięta, suszona pietruszka, ekstrakt z zielonej herbaty, suszony imbir, suszony ananas.

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