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Pronature Holistic Dog Turkey & Cranberries 13.6kg dry dog food with turkey and cranberries

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Pronature Holistic Dog Turkey & Cranberries 13.6kg dry dog food with turkey and cranberries

Pronature Holistic Dog Turkey & Cranberries 13.6kg dry dog food with turkey and cranberries

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Canadian 1st Choice and Pronature dog foods are changing to Smart Nature .

  • New Smart Nature dog foods are products with a higher amount of the best quality meat, adapted to the age, size and life stage of the dog.
  • Smart Nature offers various types of meat, such as: duck, rabbit, beef, lamb, turkey, pork, salmon, trout, herring...
  • Dog food with 65% meat content, without allergenic grains, dyes, preservatives, and semi-finished products of animal origin

We invite you to check out the Smart Nature line of grain-free, high-meat dog foods

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Pronature Holistic Dog Turkey Cranberries organic dog food

High content of chicken, turkey and Atlantic herring, 87% organic meat ingredients. The combination of fresh turkey, dried chicken, herring and eggs from free-range hens allows for maximum use of nutrients. Without plant concentrates. No antibiotics.

Formula suitable for dogs after sterilization/castration.

Organic, biologically appropriate dog food

Directly from Canada, produced in our own factory

High meat content, low carbohydrate content

Contains chicken, turkey and herring to provide the highest quality animal protein and nourish it in a natural, best way.

Suitable for castrated and sterilized dogs

Natural and effective joint protection system

Immune system support system

No grain fillers

Natural, organic ingredients - no compromises

Fresh turkey meat

delivered from local suppliers, from the cleanest regions of Canada. Low-fat meat rich in perfectly digestible protein

Eggs from free-range hens

a valuable source of nutrients from happy hens

Freely caught herring

source of DHA, necessary for the proper functioning of the brain

Organic cranberries

prevents urinary tract infections and supports its proper functioning.


a source of antioxidants, improves blood circulation in the skin and strengthens bone structure thanks to vitamin K

Chicory root

helps with digestive problems, constipation, and weakened immune system, thanks to the content of natural prebiotics

Fresh breath and healthy teeth

the best blend of green tea, vitamin C, parsley and mint extracts supports oral hygiene, ensures fresh breath and white teeth.


has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Prevents nausea and vomiting, especially when traveling


Protection of the urinary system, reduces the reaction of urine and bile, making it easier to flush out their deposits. Effectively supports the body's detoxification process


they contain strong antioxidants and care for eye health


supports the functioning of the liver and pancreas and has anti-inflammatory properties

Yucca schidigera

helps reduce the unpleasant smell of feces and improves the dog's overall odor


regulates the functioning of the digestive system, protects the liver and protects against free radicals. It is one of the richest sources of omega-3 acids, which support the functioning of the entire body and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Healthy joints

natural supplementation from crustaceans and green-lipped mussel protects joints and has anti-inflammatory properties. Glucosamine and chondroitin in the form of safe and easily digestible sulfates. Omega-3 fatty acids relieve inflammation and reduce the occurrence of degenerative joint diseases.


gluten-free super food! It has a beneficial effect on the entire body!

Regulation of digestion

natural sources of fiber such as dried tomatoes and peas support intestinal transport and digestion.

Chelated minerals

in our food we use them only in this form. These are advanced, innovative forms of minerals, best absorbable and at the same time safest for the body.

Your dog is a member of your family, you want to give him the best that nature has to offer and what best reflects his natural diet. Therefore, choose Pronature Holistic - an organic, biologically appropriate food that takes into account the needs of your dog resulting from its domestication.

Our company has been producing food for dogs and cats for over 50 years! How many companies can boast of this?

Our knowledge is supported by experience, we are not only enthusiasts, but real specialists in animal nutrition. We are one of the few to have our own factory, which guarantees a full guarantee of the entire production process.

Guaranteed Analysis

























Vitamin A



Vitamin D



Vitamin E




Potassium 0.60%

Sodium 0.30%

Magnesium 0.12%

Copper 15 mg/kg

Zinc 245 mg/kg

Iodine 5 mg/kg

Selenium 0.5 mg/kg

Vitamin B12 135 mcg/kg

Omega-3 0.45%

Omega-6 2.7%

Glucosamine 400 mg/kg

Chondroitin 500 mg/kg

Vitamin C 200 mg/kg

Folic acid 500 mcg/kg

Choline 2000 mg/kg

Niacin 50 mg/kg


Data sheet

Weight of dry food
From 10 kg to 15 kg


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Pronature Holistic Dog Turkey & Cranberries 13.6kg dry dog food with turkey and cranberries

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Skład: Świeże mięso z indyka, suszone mięso z kurczaka, ryż niełuskany, suszone ziemniaki, kasza jęczmienna perłowa, kasza owsiana, suszona żurawina, ryż, suszone mięso ze śledzi, groszek, tłuszcz z kurczaka, mieszanka owocowa (3%, zawiera suszone wytłoki jabłkowe, suszone jagody, suszony ananas), suszone jaja, hydrolizat wątroby kurczaka, suszone pomidory, nasiona lnu, sól, wyciąg z drożdży, suszony korzeń cykorii, siarczan glukozaminy, wyciąg z Yucca schidigera, siarczan chondroityny, nowozelandzkie zielone małże, strzykwa, wyciąg z imbiru, komosa ryżowa, nasiona anyżu, suszone algi, suszona lucerna, suszona japońska herbata, mieszanka ziołowa (0,2% zawiera suszony rozmaryn, suszoną pietruszkę, suszone liście mięty, kurkuma, suszony tymianek, cynamon), suszony szpinak, suszony brokuł, suszony kalafior.

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