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1st Choice Puppy Medium & Large Breeds 15kg Food for puppies

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1st Choice dry dog food

1st Choice
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1st Choice Puppy Medium & Large Breeds 15kg Food for puppies

1st Choice Puppy Medium & Large Breeds 15kg Food for puppies

1st Choice dry dog food

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1st Choice Puppy Medium & Large Breed made of the highest quality chicken meat with herring oil




The composition of 1st Choice Medium & Large Breed Puppies is perfectly balanced to meet the nutritional needs at every stage of growth.

The formula was created for puppies of large and medium breeds - it protects their joints, supports immunity, ensures the proper development of the nervous system and provides energy for many hours of fun!

Did you know that 1st Choice is one of only a few percent of pet foods in the world produced in its own factories? It gives you the certainty of controlling the production process from the beginning to the very end!

95% of manufacturers outsource such an important issue to external companies!

What distinguishes 1st Choice foods?:

only the highest quality real chicken meat with herring oil

0% by-products of meat or plant origin

"HUMAN GRADE" ingredients - identical to those in food products for humans!

chelated minerals - guarantee the highest degree of mineral absorption by the body

high content of valuable protein thanks to fresh meat delivered daily to factories from proven regional Canadian suppliers

over 50 years of experience in creating and producing food for dogs and cats

prevent the risk of stomach volvulus - by maintaining a constant volume in the digestive tract (they do not swell)

was created especially for dogs by a world-class team of veterinarians and biologists.

directly from the cleanest regions of Canada

Our innovative, natural supplementation


Proper development of the nervous system in puppies will not only help them learn and remember faster, but also help them cope better with stress. Ocean herring oil contained in 1st Choice pet food is a natural source of DHA, an Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid. DHA and taurine have a key impact on the development of the brain and nervous system.


Did you know that 70% of all immune cells are found in the digestive system? Therefore, probiotics and prebiotics are crucial for the proper development of puppies. Natural prebiotics such as chicory extract - a source of inulin (fructo-oligosaccharides) and yeast extract (manno-oligosaccharides) facilitate digestive processes, and the addition of ginger reduces the formation of gases and prevents nausea. The optimal amount of dietary fiber has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis and helps remove harmful substances from the body.


Proper joint supplementation is particularly important for large and active breeds of dogs.

1st Choice provides complete, natural supplementation. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin - substances derived from New Zealand green mussels, sea cucumbers, shrimps and crabs. These substances influence the proper condition of the animal's joints and are used in Chinese medicine as a natural medicine for rheumatic diseases. Collagen is responsible for the production of synovial fluid, which influences the hardness and elasticity of joint cartilage. Omega-3 acid relieves inflammation and reduces the risk of degenerative joint diseases.


Green tea extract, vitamin C, cellulose, mint and parsley help eliminate bacteria in the oral cavity, resulting in fresh breath and healthy teeth without tartar.


All 1st Choice foods contain vitamins C and E that strengthen the immune system. Natural prebiotics reduce the risk of infections and gastrointestinal disorders. Zinc is involved in bone mineralization, wound healing and affects the functioning of the immune system.


The ingredients contained in 1st Choice food ensure a healthy heart throughout the dog's life. Taurine, an essential amino acid for dogs' health, and beta carotene, helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Taurine helps transport creatinine to the muscles, which results in its more effective use and accelerates their regeneration after exercise. This compound determines the proper functioning of the heart and reduces the level of glucose in the blood.


Reduction of the smell of feces by adding a natural extract from the Yucca Schidigera plant - reducing the production of ammonia. Additionally, Yucca increases resistance to stress, has anti-inflammatory properties and cleanses the liver and kidneys.

OMEGA 3-6-9 The natural ingredients contained in the food are a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

  • Omega 3 has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system and is important in the prevention of heart diseases.
  • Omega 6 is responsible for the condition of the skin and fur, and also helps maintain proper cholesterol levels.
  • Omega 9 is crucial in the prevention of heart and circulatory system diseases. It affects the reduction of the so-called bad LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

Canadian 1st Choice and Pronature dog foods are changing to Smart Nature .

  • New Smart Nature dog foods are products with a higher amount of the best quality meat, adapted to the age, size and life stage of the dog.
  • Smart Nature offers various types of meat, such as: duck, rabbit, beef, lamb, turkey, pork, salmon, trout, herring...
  • Dog food with 65% meat content, without allergenic grains, dyes, preservatives, and semi-finished products of animal origin

We invite you to check out the Smart Nature line of grain-free, high-meat dog foods

Smart Nature Dog Hypoallergenic Duck grain-free dog food made from duck meat, without chicken Veterinary Approved

Smart Nature Dog Sensitive Rabbit 2kg grain-free food for dogs of all breeds, without chicken, 50% rabbit and turkey meat

Smart Nature Dog Skin Coat Fish 2kg grain-free food, 50% salmon and trout fish meat for all dogs, no chicken

Smart Nature Dog Venison 2kg grain-free dog food with deer meat and wild salmon for all breeds, without chicken

Smart Nature Dog Sensitive Stomach Turkey 2kg food for dogs with a sensitive digestive system, turkey with algae, monoprotein,

Smart Nature Dog Lamb&Rice Mono 2kg dog food 100% lamb without chicken protein supports skin and coat

Smart Nature Dog Hypoallergenic Lamb 2kg monoprotein dog food, 100% lamb, grain-free, chicken-free

Smart Nature Dog Small Duck & Orange 2kg monoprotein food for small breeds, grain-free, chicken-free, hypoallergenic

Smart Nature Dog Light Turkey&Cranberry 2kg grain-free food for overweight dogs, without chicken, supporting joints

Smart Nature Puppy Free Range Turkey 2kg 65% meat, free-range turkey and pork, collagen for joints, grain-free

Smart Nature Dog Senior Skin Coat Fish 2kg grain-free food with trout and salmon meat, without chicken, joint support

Smart Nature Dog Small Free Range Turkey 2kg grain-free, 65% meat, free-range turkey and pork, collagen for joints

Smart Nature Dog Small Angus Beef 2kg 65% Angus beef meat, grain-free, chicken-free, superfoods, natural collagen

Smart Nature Dog Small Hypoallergenic Lamb 2kg monoprotein food for small breeds, 100% lamb, grain-free, chicken-free

Smart Nature Puppy Skin Coat Fish 2kg grain-free with 60% salmon, haddock and white fish, food for puppies




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1st Choice Puppy Medium & Large Breeds 15kg Food for puppies

1st Choice dry dog food

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Produkowana w Kanadzie.

Skład: Suszone mięso z kurczaka, błonnik (kasza owsiana), ryż, kasza jęczmienna perłowa, tłuszcz z kurczaka, suszona pulpa buraczana, suszone pomidory, suszone jaja, całe nasiona lnu (źródło kwasów tłuszczowych omega-3), hydrolizat wątroby kurczaka, olej śledziowy (źródło DHA), sól, wyciąg z drożdży (źródło mannanooligosacharydów), węglan wapnia, wyciąg z cykorii (źródło fruktooligosacharydów, naturalny prebiotyk), skorupka krewetki i kraba (źródło glukozaminy), nowozelandzkie zielone małże (źródło glikozaminoglikanu GAG), strzykwa (źródło chondroityny), wyciąg z rośliny Yucca schidigera, żelatyna, suszone algi, wyciąg z suszonej zielonej herbaty, suszona mięta ogrodowa, suszona pietruszka, wyciąg z imbiru.

Starannie wyselekcjonowane witaminy i minerały wspomagają utrzymanie zdrowych stawów, wzmacniają system immunologiczny oraz dbają o układ pokarmowy, aby Twój szczeniak mógł cieszyć się każdym dniem w pełni!

Skład analityczny: Białko 26%, tłuszcz 16%, włókno surowe 4,5%, związki nieorganiczne 11%, wapń 1,5%, fosfor 1%, Omega-3 0.5%, Omega-6 2.25%, Omega-9 0.2%, DHA 50 mg/kg, witamina A 23,000 IU/kg, witamina D3 2,000 IU/kg, witamina E 140 IU/kg, kwas askorbinowy witamina C170 mg/kg, żelazo 180 mg/kg, jod 3 mg/kg, kobalt 2 mg/kg, miedź 6 mg/kg, mangan 30 mg/kg, cynk 220 mg/kg, selen 0.2 mg/kg, glukozamina 500mg/kg, chondroityna 250mg/kg min

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