Prince Excel Adventure Dog 4 kg dry dog food

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Prince Prince
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Prince Excel Adventure Dog 4 kg dry dog food

Prince Excel Adventure Dog 4 kg dry dog food

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Prince Legend is perfect for active dogs and energetic breeds. It has a high meat content and contains 70% animal protein.

Low-grain, gluten-free diet available in 3 recipes. An excellent choice for active dogs, formula with cold-pressed kibbles and pork flavor.

70% animal protein

Easily digestible

Low-grain diet


High meat content

Cold pressed

Extremely tasty

A new innovative cold creation method that brings a new dimension to dry food! Benefiting from higher nutritional value and protein levels! Complete diet with 70% animal protein. To meet your dog's demanding training needs, our High Energy formula supports energy maintenance as well as a healthy immune and digestive system.

The new formula introduces a new concept of dry food. Cold-pressed dry food, a gentle preparation process that mixes the ingredients in a round mold and transfers them to a press that shapes the pulp into pieces suitable for dogs. This method cooks the croquettes under pressure so that the flavor and nutrients are not lost in any way.

The New Prince Legend is a low-grain diet that contains 65% meat, of which 70% is animal protein. This new line is available in 3 main formulas, The Endurance, The Adventure and Puppy. The size of the kibble is approximately 12 mm, and for puppies 9 mm.

The new line of dry food is ideal for high-energy and working dogs. The healthy fats in these dry foods contribute to the overall stability of your diet.

Ingredients: Pork cracklings / pork fat, extruded corn, dried beef protein, minerals, carob flour.

Analysis: crude protein 23%, crude fat 16%, moisture 8%, crude ash 7.1%, crude fiber 2.5%.



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Prince Excel Adventure Dog 4 kg dry dog food

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