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Brit Premium By Nature Light 15kg Dry dog food

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Brit Premium By Nature Light 15kg Dry dog food

Brit Premium By Nature Light 15kg Dry dog food

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Brit Premium By Nature Light 15kg for overweight adult dogs

Food intended for adult dogs that are overweight and have a tendency to gain weight. Choosing the right food for your pet's needs is extremely important if you care about its proper development and good health.

To choose the right food, you should take into account the dog's age, breed, activity and lifestyle. Brit Premium Light is a carefully selected food with turkey for overweight adult dogs.

Weight control Reduced fat and calorie content helps to reduce and maintain a healthy dog's weight without the discomfort of hunger. Proper digestionThe use of highly digestible proteins and fats ensures optimal digestion and intestinal transit.

It promotes beneficial bacterial flora.

Optimal muscle nutrition. The food, rich in easily digestible protein, is easily absorbed by the dog's body and thus nourishes the muscles without causing the accumulation of fat tissue.

Cartilage extract ensures muscle regeneration and contributes to great physical condition. Increased immunity

A set of essential vitamins and antioxidants promotes cell renewal and strengthens the natural immune system.

INGREDIENTS: turkey 30% (dehydrated 20%, deboned 10%), dehydrated chicken (10%), oats, wheat, dried apples, bamboo lignocellulose, corn, salmon oil (2%), hydrolyzed chicken liver, fat from chicken (preserved with a mixture of tocopherols), brewer's yeast, collagen, crustacean shell hydrolyzate (source of glucosamine, 260 mg/kg), cartilage extract (source of chondroitin, 180 mg/kg), herb and fruit extract (cloves, citrus fruits, rosemary , turmeric, 150 mg/kg), mannan-oligosaccharides (150 mg/kg), fructo-oligosaccharides (100 mg/kg), Mojave yucca (100 mg/kg), dried chamomile (90 mg/kg), green-lipped mussel (source of glucosaminoglycans, 60mg/kg), dried blueberries (60mg/kg)

NUTRIENTS: crude protein 28%, fat content 8%, moisture 10%, crude ash 7.6%, crude fiber 6.5%, calcium 1.6%, phosphorus 1.2%



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Brit Premium By Nature Light 15kg Dry dog food

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