Princess Sensitive Digest 2 kg dry cat food

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Dry cat food made of lamb meat for digestive problems

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Princess Sensitive Digest 2 kg dry cat food

Princess Sensitive Digest 2 kg dry cat food

Dry cat food made of lamb meat for digestive problems

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Princess sensitive digest (digestion)

Dry cat food

By choosing PRINCESS, you introduce your cat to the world of unique, complete, healthy food that corresponds to its natural diet. Our care and understanding of cats' needs in accordance with the motto "you are what you eat" guarantees that PRINCESS foods provide nutritional diversity and balance at every stage of a cat's life.

The food contains:

✅milk powder


✅ prebiotics, probiotic

✅Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids

✅ zinc

In the case of omega-6 acids, it acts as a kind of skin sealant, supports the regeneration of the epidermis, and accelerates wound healing. Omega 3 acids have anti-inflammatory properties and help keep the coat and skin in good condition.

Probiotics support the digestion and absorption of nutrients, stimulate intestinal peristalsis and support the regeneration of the intestinal epithelium. They regulate fermentation processes, inhibiting the formation of gases (flatulence), prevent diarrhea, and strengthen the animal's intestinal immunity.

Taurine for cats is an extremely important ingredient in your pet's diet. It is responsible, among other things, for proper heart function, fertility and good eyesight

Zinc is a microelement that plays a very important role in the health and condition of the body: it is responsible for the quality of its fur, healthy skin, and accelerates the healing of wounds and ulcers.

Feed weights: 0.350g; 2kg;


Data sheet

Cat special needs
for picky cats
The age of the cat
adult cats


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Princess Sensitive Digest 2 kg dry cat food

Dry cat food made of lamb meat for digestive problems

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suszone białko zwierzęce i suszona jagnięcina , ryż , pszenica, ziemniaki, pulpa buraczana, hydrolizowane białko zwierzęce, tłuszcz z kurczaka, olej rybny, siemię lniane, aromat wątroby, mleko w proszku, tauryna, juka, drożdże piwne, przeciwutleniacze i konserwanty, nuleotydowe białko drożdżowe, prebiotyki, probiotyki, witaminy i minerały.


Białko 32%, Tłuszcz 14%, Popiół surowy 8%, Wilgotność 8%, Włókno surowe 2,5%, Wapń 1,20%, Fosfor 1%, Sód 0,45%, Omega-3 0,65%, Omega -6 3,65%


Witamina A (3a672a), Witamina D3 (E-671), Witamina E (3a700), Witamina C(E-301), Chlorek Choliny, Witamina K3 (3a711), Witamina B1 (3a821), Witamina B2, Witamina B3 (3a315), witamina B5 (3a841), witamina B6 (3a831), witamina B12, witamina H, witamina B9 (3a316


mangan, żelazo (E1), cynk (E6), miedź (E4), jod (E2), selen (E8), organiczny  selen, probiotyki

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