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Chewies Koza 300 gr goat training treat for dogs

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A healthy treat for your dog

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Chewies Koza 300 gr goat training treat for dogs

Chewies Koza 300 gr goat training treat for dogs

A healthy treat for your dog

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Chewies Koza 300 gr training treat for a dog with a goat

Our healthy Chewies treats are perfect for training together. Extremely soft and full of flavor, they are a desirable reward for our pet. Your dog can chew and swallow small, soft bites better than drier treats. You can reward him while exercising and walking. Make learning easier for your four-legged friend and experience his enthusiasm for shared tasks.

Is your four-legged friend active with you? Reward him and pamper him. Dogs love our soft bites - just a real favorite treat!

Chewies – 100% for the dog!

Happy dogs are an important motivation for us. We produce suitable and super delicious snacks and treats for them. These are our high-quality Chewies training snacks. They do not contain flavor enhancers, preservatives, sugar additives, flavors or dyes. Thanks to high-quality raw materials, our delicious, natural premium products do not require additives or fillers. We declare all our carefully selected ingredients transparently for you and your furry friend.

Especially when training with a four-legged friend, positive reinforcement is essential. After all, learning should be fun and promote confidence. In a pleasant and motivating atmosphere, your dog simply learns better and in the long term.

We produce our Chewies delicacies in six delicious varieties. They all have only one source of animal protein and are therefore suitable for sensitive pets.

The treats are grain-free and gluten-free, which makes them especially healthy treats. In addition, animal welfare and our environment are very important to us, which is why we produce cruelty-free and GMO-free products. Produced in Germany.



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Chewies Koza 300 gr goat training treat for dogs

A healthy treat for your dog

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Skład: Mięso i podroby kozie 52%, mąka ziemniaczana, skrobia ziemniaczana, ziemniaki, marchew, jabłko, olej z łososia, mieszanka suszonych ziół (składająca się z liści mięty pieprzowej, kminku, kozieradki, korzenia lukrecji, korzenia kurkumy, nasion kopru włoskiego, kwiatów rumianku), olej rzepakowy, minerały

Składniki analityczne: białko surowe 9,4%, oleje i tłuszcze surowe 5,4%, popiół surowy 3,2%, włókno surowe 1,2%, wilgotność 22,7%.

Składniki analityczne:

białko surowe 10,7 %, oleje i tłuszcze surowe 5,0 %, popiół surowy 3,4 %, włókno surowe 1,1 %, wilgotność 22,7 %


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