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Smart Nature Teether L (easy) 15 cm 80 gr for dogs

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Smart Nature Teether L (easy) 15 cm 80 gr for dogs

Smart Nature Teether L (easy) 15 cm 80 gr for dogs

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Produced only from the so-called sheds, i.e. antlers naturally lost by deer in Polish forests every year in spring.

Deer antlers are completely natural, durable chew toys - dogs love them!

They are odorless, long-lasting, safe because they do not chip, healthy - they help you avoid problems with keeping your teeth clean. Chewing helps reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar, and calms dogs' destructive tendencies and anxiety by focusing their attention on the chew.

An additional advantage of the teethers is their durability. Dogs with a high temperament can eat traditional toys in a few minutes, while dogs can chew antler chews for many days.

Antlers are highly nutritious: rich in protein, calcium phosphate, low in fat. It also contains a lot of magnesium, sodium, copper, zinc and iron.

Accidents of animal injury while chewing antler chews are practically marginal compared to chewing pig or cow bones. However, it is worth supervising the dog while playing, as the teethers may have sharp edges. Don't let your dog try to break the chew in half with his molars. Don't let your dog eat more than 2 inches of antler per day.

When choosing a chew, make sure you get the right size for your dog.

Natural antlers sterilized with steam.

Feed material: red deer.

Composition: 100% deer antlers. Protein 32%, crude fat 0.1%.


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Smart Nature Teether L (easy) 15 cm 80 gr for dogs

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