Mediterranean HAM BONES pork leg 1 pc for dogs

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Mediterranean HAM BONES pork leg 1 pc for dogs

Mediterranean HAM BONES pork leg 1 pc for dogs

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Mediterranean Serrano Ham Bones pork leg 300g pork leg with bone

Mediterranean Serrano Ham is Spanish raw ham, dried using traditional methods in the unique climate of Catalonia, Castile and Extremadura.

Produced from whole pork legs with bone.

Long-maturing Spanish ham, under appropriate conditions, gains incredible taste, tenderness and aroma.

Bones are rich in protein and have a beneficial effect on the dog's health and appearance, especially the skin and fur.

By chewing Serrano Ham Bones, dogs effectively remove tartar, which becomes a source of unpleasant mouth odor and may even cause inflammation of the oral cavity.

The uncooked product undergoes a natural drying process, retaining all its nutritional value and prevents it from splitting easily when chewed by the pet.

original Spanish product

with pieces of meat


source of protein

natural drying process in a unique climate

specific taste and aroma

beneficial effect on the pet's health and appearance

there is no loss of nutritional value during production

strengthens gums and removes tartar

pressure resistance up to 1.675 tons

Ingredients : Serrano ham

Analysis : protein 36.2%, fat 26.1%, moisture 9%, crude ash 24.6%

Dosage : The manufacturer recommends administering 1 bone per week.

For medium and large breeds from 4 months of age.

Country of origin : Spain

Mediterranean Natural, in cooperation with the Department of Animal Physiology of the University of Murcia, conducted research that showed that HAM BONES products are safe for dogs as long as the manufacturer's recommendations are followed (each bone has recommendations regarding the size of the dog).


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Mediterranean HAM BONES pork leg 1 pc for dogs

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