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Smart Nature Antlers with M Rope

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Smart Nature Antlers with M Rope

Smart Nature Antlers with M Rope

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We recommend an antler and rope toy for every dog!

Safe chewing!

Deer antlers are all-natural, durable chew toys loved by dogs. It contains many nutritious nutrients and minerals, and is very rich in calcium and collagen. All antler chews are natural, without preservatives and antibiotics. In addition, chews have a positive effect on dogs, allowing them to release excess energy.

The rope is handmade from 100% cotton; without preservatives, which means that dogs are completely safe while playing with the toy and chewing the rope!


When bitten, the rope fibers work like dental floss, cleaning the tartar from the teeth while the dog is playing with a toy. Pet owners can be sure that playing with this toy with their dog is safe


The tightly woven fabric and knots are sure to last as long as the antler chew itself. Owners of even the most "biting" dogs can be sure that they will not have to replace this toy any time soon.


Not only is there a wide selection of antlers, but we have now combined this variety with a variety of different styles of rope toys. There are endless combinations of different antler pieces, antler sizes, rope lengths, number of knots and knot types.

(The photo is representative, shows an example shape of the teether)


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Smart Nature Antlers with M Rope

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