Super Benek Compact Natural 5l Cat litter

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Super Benek
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Super Benek Compact Natural 5l Cat litter

Super Benek Compact Natural 5l Cat litter

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Super Benek Compact Naturalny hygienic cat litters are products characterized by regular, coarse grains measuring 0.5-2 mm, which provide the best protection against spreading the litter. They absorb liquids and unpleasant odors very effectively, providing good antibacterial protection. They clump together, forming regular, compact lumps
Very absorbent, dust-free granules that do not stick to the bottom of the litter box.

Advantages of cat litter:
- 100% bio natural product
- the natural scent of the deep earth makes it especially liked by cats
- high performance
- super absorbent
- absorbs liquids and unpleasant odors
- eliminates fungi and bacteria
- recommended especially for males

Hygienic litter with regular grains of 0.5-2 mm in size intended for pets is made of bentonite clay. The most efficient of all available mineral litters, it clumps and swells at the same time, which significantly increases the absorption efficiency. It absorbs liquids and unpleasant odors very effectively.
The highly absorbent, dust-free granulate clumps to form flat elliptical lumps. Thanks to this property, even if the litter content in the litter box is less than 4 cm, the used litter does not stick to the bottom.

How to use bentonite litters:
In a cat litter box, pour a layer of 3-5 cm over the entire surface of the litter box, and in the case of other animals, make an appropriate mound in the cage. Only the used (lumpy) part of the litter should be replaced (removed), and any gaps should be supplemented. After thoroughly cleaning the litter box, the previously poured out non-clumping litter should be poured back into the litter box.


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Type of gravel
bentonite litter
no smell


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Super Benek Compact Natural 5l Cat litter

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