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Super Benek Corn Cat Natural Żwirek 7l

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Super Benek
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Super Benek Corn Cat Natural Żwirek 7l

Super Benek Corn Cat Natural Żwirek 7l

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Benek Super CORN Cat is a new generation of litters, characterized by fine grain and high density, which ensures high product efficiency, it is very absorbent and quickly absorbs all liquids and neutralizes their odor. The properties of the litter allow for efficient and convenient cleaning of the litter box. The appropriate weight of the grains allows you to minimize spilling the substrate outside the litter box.

100% biodegradable!! It has a natural, pleasant smell of corn - individual lumps can be removed by sanitary means.

Properties of Benek Super Corn litter:

  • Natural, made from 100% natural plant products
  • Can be disposed of in the toilet - caking
  • Biodegradable
  • High absorbency and odor neutralization
  • Perfectly accepted by cats
  • High efficiency = savings
  • Limited spillage outside the litter box!
  • The neutral scent is perfectly accepted by cats

Cat lovers can now use litter that will be efficient and at the same time environmentally friendly.

Benek Super Corn Cat litters are safe for cats to consume.


Data sheet

Type of gravel
no smell
other, e.g. corn


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Super Benek Corn Cat Natural Żwirek 7l

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