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Pronature Holistic Eucalyptus 12kg Canadian cat litter

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Pronature Holistic Eucalyptus 12kg Canadian cat litter

Pronature Holistic Eucalyptus 12kg Canadian cat litter

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Pronature Holistic Eucalyptus 12kg

Get rid of unpleasant odors with our super absorbent litter with eucalyptus oil.

Made of 100% natural ingredients - pure Canadian bentonite clay, which is the best known ecological absorbent. Contains eucalyptus oil , which is a natural antibacterial agent and helps eliminate unpleasant odors. The structure of the litter prevents it from sticking to the paws and spreading the contents of the litter box.

Bentonite is a natural substance. It is a sedimentary rock, a clay rock consisting mainly of montmorillonite. Bentonite is characterized by a high ability to absorb liquids. It is also very good at absorbing odors, which is why it has long been used as a material from which cat litter is produced.

Bentonite cat litter looks like sand or gravel and works in a very simple way. It absorbs urine, creating compact lumps that can be easily removed from the litter box with a spatula. This saves us time and money because we only remove the stuck pieces and leave the rest in the litter box. We fill the gaps with new, fresh gravel.


We use the best absorbent, 100% pure Canadian bentonite clay.


Contains eucalyptus oil - a natural antibacterial agent that helps eliminate unpleasant odors and additionally ensures a more hygienic environment in the litter box.


99% dust-free, you will no longer see traces of your cat's presence in the litter box.


we have selected the best natural ingredients. Additionally, we try to take care of our natural environment, which is why the packaging we use is BIO-degradable.


Natural dust-free clay, eucalyptus oil.


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Pronature Holistic Eucalyptus 12kg Canadian cat litter

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