Puss in Boots Organic grass for cats

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Puss in Boots Organic grass for cats

Puss in Boots Organic grass for cats

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Organic grass for cats

Grass is essential for proper nutrition of cats. It has a positive effect on the digestive system of cats due to the large amount of fiber. This especially applies to indoor cats that cannot nibble grass during walks.

Eating grass supports digestion, regulates metabolism and stimulates the vomiting reflex, which helps to remove undigested food remains, excess bile and hair that remains as a result of daily grooming.

The grass contains vitamins, enzymes and mineral salts that have a beneficial effect on the cat's health.

Thanks to fresh grass, the cat will not be interested in house plants, which often include poisonous varieties.

Advantages of grass for cats:

Vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts and fiber.

Regulation of metabolism.

Help in removing hair from the body.

Lack of interest in flowers.

Great for indoor cats.

Orders placed from Friday to Monday are processed on Tuesdays, with fresh grass delivered. This minimizes the risk of the weed wilting when stored at the courier company over the weekend.



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Puss in Boots Organic grass for cats

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